4 ways Microvellum and ERP software work together to increase productivity!

Since the early 2000’s Microvellum has been a leading design software used in the residential cabinetry, commercial casework, millwork and office furniture industries. Built on AutoCAD- the industry standard for 2D & 3D design and drafting, Microvellum can accelerate 3D modeling and produce photo-realistic renderings. Coupled with these strong design capabilities, it also has tools for estimation, engineering and production. All these capabilities are great for your business. However, as your business expands, this amazing tool may [...]

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What is a Product Configurator

If you’ve ever ordered a product online and you had to pick the size, colour, or any other variety of options- you’ve used a basic product configurator.   A configurator is a software application where users can select their desired options of a customizable product. Many products are customizable and offer customers several choices. Cabinets, for example are available in many colors and trims, and offer numerous accessories. A conference room table may be available with [...]

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Using Cabinet Vision? – Find out what you’re missing!

CABINET VISION is one of the leading design software packages for the cabinet, millwork and closet industries. It offers great design capabilities for your business. However, as your business expands, this amazing tool may not be enough to tackle all of your challenges. Here are 4 reasons that linking your CABINET VISION® software with Seradex’s ERP solution will save you time and money! 1. Optimize Your Lead to Cash Process Every sale starts as a lead and [...]

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Dynamics AX Users: Stranded without a Paddle

By Mark Corker 09/29/2020 If you’re running your business on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the end of support is here: Without system support, your business won’t receive critical security updates or bug fixes. When your business system runs into problems, your entire operation could face a costly shutdown. Microsoft is pressuring you to move to a new product – Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O). This upgrade is complex, costly, and will [...]

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