Medical Device ERP

Improve Compliance, Quality, and Traceability with our Medical Device ERP software

The right software for Medical Device manufacturing

On top of the challenges that manufacturing industries face, companies that make medical devices also deal with strict government regulations and constantly changing technologies. Some manufacturers are turning towards software for medical devices to help them tackle challenges such as

  • After sales service
  • IoT and Data Security
  • Spending less and tracking more
  • Managing and optimizing sales and marketing initiatives
  • Creating accurate bills of materials
  • Engineering Change Control and Management

Our medical device software has tools that can help you tackle these challenges:

Our system can:

  • Share your information between departments, machines, and processes without having to enter it again and again. 
  • Connect your CAD and Engineering designs to your shop floor 
  • Generate BOM’s (Bill of Materials) to manage your inventory and billing 
  • Manage your scheduling and productivity from the top floor to the shop floor 
  • Get in-depth overviews of your machine run times, shop floor processes, stock and more
  • Integrated CRM system for accounting and after sales service including cases like loaned equipment, Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA’s), field service and help desk functions
  • Hybrid system that allows important information to be stored securely onsite, while having customer facing information in the cloud.
A collection of medical devices including MRI machines, wheelchair, etc. Our software for medical devices is flexible

Is our software for you?

Seradex offers flexible software solutions for medical device manufacturers. Our solutions work with a variety of applications, machines, and processes, so it doesn’t matter how large or small your operation is, we can help. Finally, our team is continuously working with manufacturers to deliver solutions geared to their needs and to meet the strict requirements and regulations of the industry.

Still not convinced?

Your business is unique. We get that. Showing you our software with a general use case for manufacturing isn’t going to give you a full picture of what we can do for you. That’s why we offer a “Day in The Life” trial. This trial takes one of your main products and shows how it’s processed through a complete sales cycle from quote to cash. We demonstrate how the system can track and generate all of your documents, including quotes, orders, BOM’s, routing, packing slips, and invoices based on a standard order.

The attached video is a short segment of medical device manufacturing imagery followed by displaying modules in the software

Integrate your CAD with our ERP system

Our system integrates with InventorSolidWorks, and DriveWorks


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