Capital Equipment ERP

Streamline Operations with our ERP Software for Capital Equipment

The right software for capital equipment manufacturing

Complex machinery like machine tools, recreational or specialty vehicles, construction or engineered equipment have unique manufacturing requirements. Capital Equipment Manufacturers face increasing challenges including:

  • Converting complex orders into Bills of Materials
  • Estimating and costing for complex projects and materials
  • Handling product serial numbers for orders and after-sales services
  • Shipping products on time
  • Communicating Engineering Change Orders from CAD systems

Seradex software can help! We can reduce your costs, improve productivity, and help you grow your business.

Our system has tools and processes that can help:

  • CRM and front-end quoting tools to support pricing, costing, margin, version control, change orders, and more.
  • Connect product information to service and warranty systems
  • Manages after-sales service and warranties
  • Shop Floor scheduling tools to organize machines, staff, and delivery dates
  • CAD Integration to create accurate Bills of Materials and manage Engineering Change Orders
Detailed blueprints of a backhoe design, built by capital equipment manufacturers
A collection of machines on a shop floor,

Is our software for you?

Seradex software is designed for Project-based Manufacturers, Custom Manufacturers, Made-to-Order (MTO) and Engineer to Order (ETO) Manufacturers. We provide small and medium-sized capital equipment manufacturers with an integrated solution for their engineering or project-driven operations for improved accuracy, visibility, responsiveness and cost effectiveness.

Still not convinced?

Your business is unique. We get that. Showing you our software with a general use case for manufacturing isn’t going to give you a full picture of what we can do for you. That’s why we offer a “Day in The Life” trial. This trial takes one of your main products and shows how it’s processed through a complete sales cycle from quote to cash. We demonstrate how the system can track and generate all of your documents, including quotes, orders, BOM’s, routing, packing slips, and invoices based on a standard order.

The attached video is a short segment of capital equipment imagery followed by displaying modules in the software

Integrate your CAD with our ERP system

Our system integrates with SolidWorks, AutoCAD and DriveWorks


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