CABINET VISION is one of the leading design software packages for the cabinet, millwork and closet industries. It offers great design capabilities for your business. However, as your business expands, this amazing tool may not be enough to tackle all of your challenges.
Here are 4 reasons that linking your CABINET VISION® software with Seradex’s ERP solution will save you time and money!

1. Optimize Your Lead to Cash Process

Every sale starts as a lead and ends with a payment. In order to grow your business, you’ll need to generate more leads and convert them into sales. Seradex can help you:

• Manage your leads, reps, designers and dealers
• Improve your sales process to win more customers.
• Track designs, leads, commissions, billing, payments and sales taxes – all in one system.

Seradex provides seamless ERP integration with your CABINETVISION® software so you can get rid of all those time-consuming and error prone spreadsheets that are slowing your growth.

2. Streamline the Purchase to Pay Process

On average, cabinet and millwork shops spend 30% – 60% of revenue buying parts and materials. It’s likely your single largest expense category, yet you can’t create a purchase order inside CABINET VISION®. So, some small businesses manage their real-time inventory, purchase orders, receiving, vendor invoices and payments with spreadsheets. However, this creates major problems for growing businesses like:
• Consistently missing parts to finish a job
• Costly inventories of unused materials
• Double ordering Materials
• Inability to track the causes and cost of scrap

Connecting CABINET VISION® with Seradex ERP allows you to:
• Generate PO’s from CV’s material and hardware lists – with just one click
• Combine material demand from multiple orders into one PO, reducing PO count, logistics costs, and ensure you maximize your supplier discounts
• Track actual accurate job costs for material and labor

3. Untangling Manufacture to Ship Cycle

Delivering jobs on time is crucial to making your customers happy – but dealing with all the moving parts can sometimes feel like a massive juggling act. As your business grows, there are more balls in the air, and it becomes harder and harder to track everything.

One common symptom of growing businesses is that jobs start shipping later and later. Connecting Seradex ERP with CABINET VISION® will help you:

• Ensure shipments are complete and any shortages identified with bar coded and RFID label technology
• Integrate automated sheet handling systems and CNC cut lists
• Manage Cart slot loading at the Edgebander or in the Door cell to streamline material handling and assembly
• Track downtime data from production equipment to eliminate bottlenecks
• Integrate into UPS, FedEx and LTL logistics systems to eliminate double entry and reduce freight costs
• Group work from multiple jobs including panel cutting, stile and rail lists to reduce scrap and increase productivity.

4. Install to Final Payment Process

Not every company installs their products, but if you do, proper installation is critical for customer satisfaction. Studies show that the industry average kitchen install requires 5 visits. Making this a costly and time-consuming process. A process that can be dramatically improved with digital transformation thanks to Seradex and CABINET VISION®.

Applications on mobile devices let installers manage tasks on site such as:
• Punch Lists
• Customer sign offs
• Shipping verification
• Scheduling

This creates real time communications between the shop and the installer throughout the entire job, and makes sure that what is designed and quoted to the customer is exactly what they’ll receive.

Are you interested in finding out more information about how you can link your CABINET VISION® or other CAD solution to Seradex ERP? Do you have questions about how ERP can revolutionize your Cabinet or Millwork Business? Send us a message today at !

® CABINET VISION is a registered trademark of 2020 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries