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Can CAD and ERP Work Together?

Many manufacturing software packages claim to link to AutoCAD, but how does Seradex ERP? Exploring the different integration points available, we will show why this data is key to your operation. Plus, we’ll be discussing the use of AutoCAD vs. Seradex software, and when you can’t (or shouldn’t) use one or the other.


Can You Use Both Batch and Realtime Processing for Transactions?

There are two basic ways ERP systems handle transaction processing– Real-Time and Batch Processing. Most companies claim that one way or another is a better system for uploading transactions, exaggerating the pros and cons of either. However, we use both methods in tandem to process different transactions.


What is a Capacity Strategy and Why Do I Need One?

Maintaining the economic balance between your capacity and sales performance requires a clear, actionable capacity strategy.  How is capacity strategy different from a capacity plan, and what is involved in creating an effective capacity strategy?


How to Leverage Customer Service to Make More Sales?

Ask any business executive to name their company’s most valuable asset. Their most frequent answer will likely be “our customers.” Businesses are more customer-focused than ever before, and customer relationships are an essential competitive advantage that all companies can develop.


How are Engineer to Order  (ETO) specific ERP systems different?

Congratulations – you finally landed the big contract. But there’s no time for celebration. You’ve got tons of work to do to meet the deadlines and the projected margins.

The effort required to generate bills of materials (BOMs) and assembly routes, create and track AutoCAD drawings, and double enter the order into your billing system is immense.  But what if there was a different way?


Why do Manufacturers need Help Desk Software?

What is the cost of losing a customer?

Increased service requests, staff reductions, growing customer demands, and shrinking budgets are just a few of the many issues challenging today’s manufacturing companies. A critical step to ensure customer satisfaction is having a centralized system to track and manage all service and support requests, and measuring tools.



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