Metal Fabrication ERP Software

Get jobs done on time and on budget with our ERP software for Metal Fabrication

The right software for metal fabrication 

Supporting the largest industries in the world, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics, metal fabrication is one of the most relied upon manufacturing sectors in the world. Competition is fierce, and most business owners are facing challenges such as :

  • Standardizing quoting and consistent costing
  • Managing pressures along the supply chain
  • Optimizing press and machine run times
  • Planning shop capacity
  • Control and flexibility of the shop floor schedule

Seradex software for metal fabrication can help! We can streamline your quoting process, allow you to get better visibility of your shop floor, and help you grow your business.

Our software has the ability to:

  • Generate fast and accurate quotes based on shop floor data and CAD designs
  • Eliminate information silos between departments
  • Integrate your CAD system to Solidworks and other systems
  • Manage your scheduling and productivity on the shop floor
  • Get real-time updates on material usage, machine run times
  • and more
Metal Fabrication shop floor illustration
Laptop computer with a metal part CAD file on the screen and metal part on the keyboard. Our metal fabrication software links with CAD systems

Is our software for you?

Our software is suited to welding, stamping, casting, punching, folding, laser, plasma, flame, water, and abrasive cutting operations. Plus, our solutions are flexible and can work with a variety of applications, machines, and processes. Finally, our team is continuously working with metal fabrication manufacturers to deliver solutions geared to their needs and meet the strict requirements of your industry.

Still not convinced?

Your business is unique. We get that. Showing you a general use case for manufacturing isn’t going to give you a full picture of what we can do for you. That’s why we offer a “Day in The Life” trial. This trial takes one of your main products and shows how it’s processed through a complete sales cycle from quote to cash. We demonstrate how the system can track and generate all of your documents, including quotes, orders, BOM’s, routing, packing slips, and invoices based on a standard order.

The attached video is a short segment of metal fabrication imagery followed by displaying modules in the software

Integrate your CAD and our ERP system

Our system integrates into Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidEdge 


Have any questions about our ERP software solutions? Do you want to book a demonstration of what our software can do for your business? Send us a message or give us a call today!

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