Seradex ERP software


Build to Order Solutions

The Seradex Product Configurator

A Product Configurator simplifies the process of creating and tracking made-to-order products in your ERP system. It allows users to create unique product configurations using your company’s specific nomenclature. In addition, you can support complex products and services with a guided selling tool and application configurators to determine which products best fit your customers' needs.

Do you have thousands of product options? How about front line employees that have varying levels of product knowledge? This can lead to order entry errors, costly credit notes and unhappy customers. Are pricing rules inconsistently applied? Does engineering have to get involved in routine sales? If so, we can help you.

Let’s customers, engineers, salespeople, customers, and dealers recommend solutions, configure complex products and automate pricing, costing and commission calculations. You can produce detailed quotations and instantly create bills of material and routings for each order.

  • Handle options or dimensions
  • Reduce order entry time and errors
  • Eliminate bill of material maintenance
  • Integrated quotation management
  • Eliminate "non-buildable" orders
  • Reduce returns and credit notes

Visual Configurator

Seradex’s Visual Configurator takes you “Make to Order” product configurators to a new level in usability and simplicity. This exclusive technology links the product configurator options and choses to a real time imaging tool. As you make your selections, the product image is built in real time giving you an accurate picture of the final product being ordered.

Standard Configurator

Do you sell products that have dimensions like doors, windows, furniture, cabinets etc.? Do your products have multiple options, dimensions, colors, accessories or materials? In your "Make to Order" or “Engineered to Order” business, mistakes in order entry can be costly customers get annoyed and scrap and rework is generated. How often does an order get "ping ponged" between the customer, dealer, order entry and manufacturing? Are you creating thousands or part numbers and bills of material?

If this sounds familiar it’s time to re-engineer order processing with the Seradex Product Configurator. This product works with the Sales Order and Estimating Modules. It is also available on the Web. Every information system should start with the most important part of your business - your customer. What impacts customer service more than order processing?

The Seradex Product Configurator Provides

  • Quick and accurate order entry for complex products with choices, options, dimensions
  • Powerful Rules Based configuration capabilities
  • Can configure parametric products like doors and windows.
  • Instant pricing of product by customer including applicable discounts
  • Automatically configure a parametric bill of material and routing
  • "One Button" Quote to Order transfers
  • Eliminate "non-buildable" orders
  • Reduce returns and credit notes
  • Links to Microsoft Office products: Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Integrates with Scheduling, Inventory, Purchasing
  • Warns when customer credit limit is exceeded
  • Supports multiple invoices per order
  • Price lists can handle multi-currency and customer discounts
  • Handles multiple Ship-To Addresses, Salespersons and commissions
  • Prints order confirmations, invoices, credit notes
  • Report formats can be customized
  • Automatically computes sales taxes for the invoice total
  • Generate dimensioned drawings automatically from AutoCAD
  • Prevents incomplete orders from being released to production
  • Store images of products and options
  • Create parametric rule based configured and costed bills of material

You can easily set up configurator rules. Unlike most competing products, complex rules can be defined for product options without any software programming. This software can support an unlimited number of interrelated options, rules and constraints. Quotes and Orders can easily be customized to include customer defaults, CAD Drawings, pricing discounts as well as terms and conditions. Quotes can be immediately e-mailed for fast approval.