Seradex ERP software

Seradex’s new User Interface for OrderStream ERP

Designed to enhance the user experience as well as add exciting new features to the application. It gives users a “Windows 10 experience” without upgrading the operating system.

Key features of the AppBox

  • Offers unmatched personalization;
    • Completely customize the "look and feel",
    • Selection your own background image and a wide range a color schemes, and
    • Create custom AppBox’s by department, function and user.
  • Simplified menus with direct access to any forms, search or report in OrderStream.
  • Unlock multimodal capabilities of the application.
  • Add links to any dashboard and management report.
  • Add information widgets to highlight key KPIs with real time updates.
  • Link to external web sites or cloud applications.
  • Integration to any third party application including Office 365.

The possibilities are endless

works with your existing IT infrastructure and is deployed as well as updated just like the current “classic” menu system.