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Innovative, Industry Specific "Build to Order" Solutions

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What makes Seradex unique?

  • ERP built for Manufacturers by Manufacturers
  • Over 50 software modules designed specifically for manufacturers.
  • Customizable by user, role and function.
  • Tightly Integrated with the MS Office suite of products
  • Expandable database with User Defined fields.
  • Exclusive monthly web updates ensures your system is always running the latest version.
  • Unlimited user licensing options.
  • Online and onsite customer support.

Software must be just the right size, it shouldn’t contain more or fewer features than you need and you should feel secure that its publisher will be able to provide upgrades and fix bugs as needed. Follow an organized process and you'll be able to locate a package that meets your specific business needs within your budget. After you begin the search, you'll discover it's not enough to examine the software's many features; in fact, that's just a small part of the decision. To be able to recognize the right product, you must evaluate the technology platform, availability of local support along with several other critical issues.

The one universal truth is that there are right ways and wrong ways to select a new ERP system. The decision process has to be a collective effort. Many individuals should have input into and take responsibility for the overall process. Management must be fully aware of the financial commitment and not fool themselves into cutting corners, or delaying portions of the implementation the software to a later time. For example, training comes first, not last! And, unless you truly understand your business processes, then there is no way you can implement a new system that can benefit you. Develop a guideline to fit how your organization works. This should help ensure a high level of satisfaction when the implementation is all over.

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A Product Configurator simplifies the process of creating and tracking made-to-order products in your ERP system. It allows users to create unique product configurations using your company’s specific nomenclature. In addition, you can support complex products and services with a guided selling tool and application configurators to determine which products best fit your customers' needs.

Do you have thousands of product options? How about front line employees that have varying levels of product knowledge? This can lead to order entry errors, costly credit notes and unhappy customers. Are pricing rules inconsistently applied? Does engineering have to get involved in routine sales? If so, we can help you.

Specialized by industry

Designed to meet your business objectives

  • Quickly and accurately quote
  • Shorten lead times
  • Eliminate late deliveries
  • Improve cash flow
  • Eliminate order entry errors
  • Reduce bloated inventories
  • Maximize shop capacity
  • Streamline purchasing
  • Managing customer supplied materials
  • Instant access to the latest financial information
  • Integrate ERP to CAD designs
  • Provide accurate job costing
  • Ensure quality compliance
  • Designed to meet the challenges for global competition

Allows you to efficiently


  • Turn quotes into orders with one click
  • Track estimated to actual costingDBox is secure, scalable, managed
  • Split large or complex jobs
  • Monitor vendor performance
  • Set up role-based user interface
  • Customize dashboards
  • Price products with discounts and quantity breaks
  • Prioritize and schedule production
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